# Destruction of wastes containing PCB and PCT
# ETT Process

In the year 1996 the company Dekonta s.r.o. Bratislava began cooperation with Enviro Technology Today s.r.o. Praha what followed to create affiliated company Enviro-Dekonta s.r.o. Bratislava in the year 1997. Principal subject of activity to be destruction of wastes containing PCB by "sodium proces" in its own property.

The company holds technology of chemical destruction of PCB by metal sodium called"sodium process" developed in cooperation with Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciencies. The process is usefull to remove PCB from mineral oils, alifatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with boiling point over 30C. That Method is usefull for oils containg DELOR 103 and 106 in concentration to 150.000 ppm.

Possibility to apply the technology for these wastes:

06 13 02        Wasted active carbon (except 06 07 02)
13 01 01        Hydraulic oils containing PCB
13 03 01        Isolative oils or oils containing PCB
13 01 09        Machinery parts containing PCB
16 02 09        Transformers and capacitors containing PCB
16 02 10        Scraped equipments containing PCB, other than transformers and capacitors containing PCB
16 02 11        Scraped equipments containing chlorine fluorined hydrocarbons HCFC, HFC
16 03 03        Anorganic wastes containing hazardous substancies
16 03 05        Organic wastes containing hazardous substancies
17 05 03        Soils and stones containing contaminated substancies
17 05 05        Excavationed soils containing hazardous substancies

Advantagies of offered solutions:

  • Realization of final waste processing in Slovakia
  • Special price offer and unproblematical for companies
  • Use effective chemical technologies by ecological safety process


ETT Process is solved as integral part of two basic moduls-"Sodium Technology" and "Thermal Desorption Unit"(TDU), what is additive facility for waste adjustment before input to proccesing modul for liquid wastes. In modul TDU there is desorption matter of all volatiles substancies in inert atmosphere, which are processed with other liquid wastes after condensation.
"Sodium Technology" is central modul of ETT Process. There is chemical reduction PCB matters by dispersion of metal sodium in liquid state. The process offer the treatment of wide range of liquid wastes, for example: transformer, capacitor, hydraulic and heat transfer oils containing PCB, dioxins or other halogen hydrocarbons.