Dekonta s.r.o., is active in either ecological problem solutions or trading as well as in area of dealing with hazardous wastes, which prevailingly consists of :

A- Technical solution of existing ecological problems (old ecological charges, break-down situations), especially
  • ground and water decontamination in situ or after their transport in special equipment
  • hydrogeological and technical measures to protect spreading contaminations into surroundings
  • industrial wastes management according to existing law rules for whole industrial units
  • destruction of waste products with content of PCB
  • destruction of other strange and hazardous wastes
  • regeneration of active coal and sorbents contaminated by organic injurants
B- Draft works in areas of creating programs of waste industry, ecological audits and environmental managements :
  • environmental audit within the EU norms intentioned to obtain certificates valid in EU countries, basic material for ISO 14 000 and anothers
  • collection, separation and recycling of textile wastes
  • deputizing for clients in ecological questions by dealing with state administration or in conflicts
C- Trade activities
  • buying and selling ore and non-ore raw materials
  • import of technology for solving ecological problems
  • services associated with the distribution store and railway-way transfer point in the "heart" of European traffic network